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There’s more to Cecilia Harvey than just being a successful tech-savvy business woman. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Hive Robotics, the founder of Tech Women Today, Ladies Who Launch and The Blaze Experience, and the author of “Green Machine: A Career Guide for the Young Professional”.  Cecilia is an internationally recognised leader in technology innovation and transformational change with nearly 20 years of industry experience. All of this came from a solid foundation of education and experience coupled with the motivation to lead by example.

After receiving a degree from Wellesley College, Cecilia set off for Wall Street with ambitions to reach new heights in the largely male-dominated Investment Banking world. Cecilia has charted her own way in financial services peppering the atmospheres of Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital and IBM Consulting before becoming COO of Citigroup Markets and Securities Services Technology.

An outspoken advocate for diversity, she works tirelessly to close the gender and racial gap while opening doors in the technology sector. During her time with Citigroup, Cecilia launched Prometheus, an initiative to develop the female talent pipeline to achieve leadership positions. Now, as founder and chair of Tech Women Today, a professional organisation facilitating the advancement of women in technology, Cecilia partners with numerous organisations focused on similar diversity objectives.

On her Tech Women Today YouTube channel Cecilia interviews powerful female tech entrepreneurs in order to “expand the definition of what it means to be a woman in technology” and share advice with up and coming women in tech.

A charismatic and confident speaker, she is regularly asked to moderate and speak at industry events. 

Cecilia’s recent achievements include being on the 2019 Empower 100 Ethnic Minority Role Model List, being a 2019 Include Tech Alliance Awards Finalist, and a 2018 We Are The City Tech Women 100 winner. Cecilia has been featured in the Sunday Times, European CEO and Times 2 about the issue of Queen Bee Syndrome, a subject that Cecilia has both experienced and researched.

She has since been quoted on the subject – when women undermine each other in the workplace in order to strengthen their own position – in The Independent, Stylist and the New York Post, and has become a voice unafraid to make itself heard on this sometimes unpopular subject.

She is equipped with a wealth of expertise and unique knowledge to help advise corporate institutions, start-ups and innovators, as well as set people on the path towards career advancement. Cecilia founded Ladies Who Launch Global, an organisation focused on inspiring and developing female entrepreneurs, and The Blaze Experience, offer programming for individuals seeking to reach their full potential, become leaders and increase their influence in the workplace. Cecilia is a regular columnist for Thrive Global and Entrepreneur Magazine..

As an outspoken advocate for diversity and the beauty of dreams, she believes “you are entitled to the same opportunities and experiences as anybody”. Cecilia is a game changer that is passionate in her mission of fostering diversity and changing the landscape of technology to catalyse innovation, disruption and inclusive thought.

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